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Open House Party!

We've been open for a month-ish now, so this is overdue...

On May 18, at 6pm until close, we will fill this space with merriment and frivolity, accoutrements and hors d'oeuvres, libations and frolicsome entertainment befitting a lesser Duke, or perhaps a well-connected socialite.

In other words, an open house. 

Feel free to invite yourself, your friends, people you wish were your friends, and people whose names begin with "M." 

We've been waiting to properly break this new space in ever since we started thinking about moving from the last one, and now's our chance. Also, your chance. If it's just Adam, Jae and I, we'll get mighty drunk but it won't be as fun without you there. 

Mark your calendars, tell that somebody special to put on their business socks, begin your pre-funk regimen now. Probably with some vitamins and Whole 30 recipes, because health.

 RSVP here, as space is (somewhat) limited.