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Pitch Like a Pro! A Workshop for Writing Email Pitches

You're about to hit "Send" on an email pitching your creative services…but have you ever wished you could have a professional writer looking over your shoulder? Content and writing experts Joel Magalnick and Jillian Reddish of The Refined Story are here for you!

Join them on the evening of March 20 to talk about communicating by email, refining your email pitches, and getting your apostrophes straight.

You'll workshop how to write your most effective pitch, including:

  • Getting your emails opened
  • Effectively telling your company's story
  • A clear call to action (and setting yourself up for a strong negotiation position)
  • Developing a solid template for efficiency

Walk away with a checklist of best practices to ensure you make each pitch the most effective it can be.

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Waffle Wednesday

Who gets waffles? You get waffles! If you're a member that is. 

We'll have waffles with gluten, and waffles without. We'll have toppings. We'll have things to put in your coffee. We'll have interpretive dance. 

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

Editor's note: We won't have interpretive dance. Unless you want us to.